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In summary, OMSP users enjoy amd have access to

1. Save to favourite: You get to add your favourite resources to your favourites and access them anytime you want by just the click of a button.

2: Ad free experience: Premium users get to enjoy an ad free version of Ominy science. You browse through your favourite resource without an ad.

3: Research papers: OMSP users get have access to our growing database of research papers. We curate research papers from our growing list of journals where research papers are regularly published. We try as much as possible to provide these papers as soon as they are published. Although we publish only papers from authoritative journals, we have no control over the content published on these journals. We also can’t assure a 100% accuracy of their papers. Moreover, some of these journals might demand a fee for their full or complete content. These fees are handled by these journals. Please read their terms and conditions before purchasing.

All research papers are currently accessible and are free for everyone

4: Save post as pdf: Premium users can download or email themselves a post as pdf. Simply click on the pdf icon, enter your email and send.

5: (Pending) Videos and documentaries: OMSP users get to enjoy our curated videos We curate tutorials, documentaries and so much more. We are working hard to improve the way these videos are displayed and our user experience. Like we mentioned on our “About us” page, we want and curate only the best for our users.

All videos are currently free and accessible for everyone

6. Unlimited articles

Free users have 10 free articles per month, by subscribing, you remove this limitation.

More features to come

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Concerning free trials.

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