Frequently asked questions

What if i don’t have a paypal account

Simply choose paystack as your payment option and pay with your credit card

How do i contact you

Simply click on the Whatsapp icon on the screen and follow the prompt, or visit our contact page

What should i do if i encounter errors

Simply wait for 5 minutes, and try again

I was charged, but my book wasn’t delivered

Simply contact us with screenshots and we will send you your book in no time

Can i sell my own eBook here

No for now

Which payment options are available

Paypal and Paystack

What is paystack

Paystack is a payment option that enables you pay with your Master card, visa or verve

Which formats are the books in

The books are in a PDF format unless stated otherwise

Are there extra charges

No. You are only charged for the books you purchased

Is there an affiliate program available

Yes. Simply visit the affiliate page and follow the instructions

How many percent do i earn as an affiliate

You earn 35 percent the cost of any book purchased through you

Do you run promotions or give out coupons

Yes we do, and will notify you when the promotion starts. Its best you subscribe to our newsletter to know when a give away is going on

I already have an account, do i need to create another account to become an affiliate

Yes. To become an affiliate, you need to visit the affiliate page and sign up separately for it

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