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As we stated before that this journal is for everyone who has passion for human sciences, health, and everything biology.

So in accomplishment of this, Ominy science offers all its readers an expense free opportunity to submit a guest post which should be related to human health, human biology, eye catching human sciences, health facts..well, everything sciences.

To have your posts show live on this blog you have to prepare your mind blowing post fully optimized for reader retention, and send them as an attachment to

Admin @ humanbioscience.org

Also do well to fill in your profile details for the benefit of our readers..(And you too)

(Please read the update at the bottom of this post)

Meanwhile, apart from the Attachement you will have to give us a brief introduction about yourself before sending.

Do make sure its good, eye catching, educative and nice.

What will you benefit??

An exposure to thousands of monthly readers

Ominy science will not accept any attachement in HTML formats.

You can also fill the contact form below and we will get back to you soonest

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Note: We have no space for spam messages, we dump them immediately


Have a guest post to submit??

Use the appropriate link at the footer (The bottom of this webpage) to sign up, login, visit your dashboard, submit your post etc.


We still don’t have space for spam.
Don’t bother hacking any authors account, you will get tired of trying,,well you might go home with a (Temporarily) banned IP address, switch tho or from a vpn to hack..We will ban it too!!

Make sure you fill in your profile details so that all credits will go to you, if you don’t, all credits will go to our editory team.

We won’t accept promotional or business names like Natural herbal solutions, medical care agents, seo services U.K, A.B.C food and health limited etc. Please use your real name and a real contact email address. By signing up with your email address, you give us the right to contact you if any need be. Don’t worry, we won’t sell your email addresses or spam you, we will only contact you to deliver relevant information to you when need be.

We would prefer that you format your articles with our text editor to prevent your formatted text and design from clashing with our theme. That means if you want to paste your post into our text editor please “Paste text alone“.

No promotional posts will be allowed. Need a sponsored post or an ad, please visit our ad section for more information.

Are you a journalist, feel free to submit your report. Please read our previous stories to see how we want them to be. When submitting reports, please include links to your sources including a link to the research paper if possible.

Featured images and internal links are Compulsory. Reference at least one of our posts. When linking out, select the “Open in new tab” option. Dont upload your featured images directly into your posts, use the “featured image” button. Please upload an image(s) with (a) high resolution. For security reasons, we accept images with .jpg and .png extensions. Any other extension will give you an error.

If you are posting infographics, please upload the infographic directly to your post. Maximum image size is 2mb, any image higher than that will be rejected. Please back your infographics with an article. We won’t accept just infographics.

If you want to reference your site, please make sure that your landing page is relevant to the post. (We will accept only authoritative landing pages with high quality content)
Your posts are subject to minor editing if need be.

If we receive multiple high quality posts from you, we will increase your capabilities and could make you an editor.

We don’t accept video content yet.
Articles and stories should be of a reasonable length. A minimum of 300 words is sensible by us.

Please keep a copy of your posts till its approved just incase.

Check back after 3-5 days to know if your post has been accepted. If you are unable to find it in your dashboard please note that your post was rejected. We might contact you to give you reasons why your post was rejected.

What will you gain??

An exposure to over 30,000 monthly readers

Thank you very much for your interest. We are also interested in your knowledge, your opinions and in you!!

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