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Founded by Ibezim Chukwuemerie
in 2017, Ominy science have proven themselves worthy in the Science industry
as a digital page for research news, stories, bio notes and articles.
Since 2017, we have provided essential articles, updates and
knowledge to students and researchers on
the science field.
Previously known as ibezims post, Ominy science features mainly research stories and
publications in the medical industry, biotechnology, mental health etc from the
major research institutions, scientific journals and research organisations of
the world.
We also accept guest posts from external writers. The guest posts we
accept are mostly articles on human science, biotechnology etc, but for the
article to be accepted it must be from the human science field.
We publish
biology notes and are open to external writers for submission of their own
notes. Our guest articles are reviewed several times for authenticity before
they are published.
Our readers can navigate through the categories of our posts
at the bottom of the web page, although we will be reviewing the categories we
provided very soon to make our articles more findable. Our readers can also
make use of the search button to narrow down to the type or exact content that
they need.
Research stories are posted regularly, of which we select
only the stories which we believe are the best, the craziest and are truly
amazing. (You surprised we said the craziest right??) Hahaha.. We want only the
best for our readers.
We try our best to provide links to the story sources and
relevant journal citations (where available) at the end of each research story.
Remember we are open to freelancers, students or any other
individual who would love to publish his article here. To submit a scientific
story, article or note simply visit our guest post page
To make enquiries simply send an email to [email protected] or fill
the contact form at the bottom of the webpage.
You are also free to send in your opinions and suggestions
as it will only make us serve you better, or you could send in your review. To
do that
Visit our homepage by clicking on the home button
on top of the webpage or type in our address directly (humanbioscience.org) into
your browser.
Wait for the page to load fully
Find the red feedback button by the right
Click on it
Fill in the details required as we may need to
contact you concerning your feedback
Then click send
Note: Your data is
fully secured by us through the help of third party services like Google and
Hot jar. You could learn more on how we store and protect your data at our privacy policy page
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You are highly welcome..
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