Acoustic tweezers move objects in the body remotely

Researchers at the University of Washington and Moscow State University demonstrated the technique by trapping 3-mm glass beads in vortex-shaped beams of ultrasound. By steering the beams electronically, or by simply moving the ultrasound transducer, they directed the beads along complex 3D paths within a water tank and in the bladders of live pigs.

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New England’s trees capturing more carbon, says 25-year study

Climate change has increased the productivity of forests, according to a new study that synthesizes hundreds of thousands of carbon observations collected over the last quarter century at the Harvard Forest Long-Term Ecological Research site, one of the most intensively studied forests in the world.

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Cosmonaut builds engineered cartilage aboard the International Space Station

For the first time, 3D human tissue has been assembled in the microgravity of space. Through a magnetic levitation device, researchers in Russia, led by Vladislav Parfenov at the Russian Academy of Sciences and 3D Bioprinting Solutions, enabled a cosmonaut aboard the International Space Station (ISS) to fabricate human cartilage from a few isolated cells.

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