NASA’s new Mars rover is about to embark on a hunt for ancient alien life

On July 30th, a six-wheeled NASA rover the size of an SUV will embark on its journey to Mars — the beginning of a quest to decode the secrets of the Red Planet’s past. Equipped with a suite of instruments and a sophisticated drilling system, the rover is tasked with answering a question that has confounded scientists for centuries: has Mars ever hosted life?

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How the world’s biggest general science society is tackling racism

The world’s largest multidisciplinary scientific society has decided to take on systemic racism. The move by The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), publisher of the esteemed Science journals, comes after Black scientists came forward to protest racism within academia and the sciences, and organized a strike on June 10th, that AAAS joined.

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Cosmonaut builds engineered cartilage aboard the International Space Station

For the first time, 3D human tissue has been assembled in the microgravity of space. Through a magnetic levitation device, researchers in Russia, led by Vladislav Parfenov at the Russian Academy of Sciences and 3D Bioprinting Solutions, enabled a cosmonaut aboard the International Space Station (ISS) to fabricate human cartilage from a few isolated cells.

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