Inclusion of patient headshots in electronic health records decreases order errors

In an effort to improve patient safety, the Brigham required headshots for participating patients to be displayed in their EHR as part of a quality improvement program in the Emergency Department. Analysis of the millions of orders placed for participating patients over a two-year span showed the rate of wrong patient order entry to be 35 percent lower for patients whose photos were included in their EHR. Results are published in JAMA Network Open.

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Deep learning enables rapid detection of stroke-causing blockages

A group of researchers led by Ryan McTaggart from Brown University has developed a tool with the potential to quickly identify and prioritize LVO patients in an emergency setting. To achieve this, they built and trained a convolutional neural network capable of classifying the presence of LVOs on CT angiographies. This is the first study that uses deep learning to identify LVOs in both anterior and posterior arteries using multiphase CT angiography images.

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Harvard alumna and researchers ID gene critical to floral nectar spurs

Scientists discover gene that directs spur development, name it after NBA Spurs coach. In the paper, the scientists identify the gene critical to controlling the development of these spurs in the common columbine, or Aquilegia. They found it acts as a master regulator that appears to control the creation of the spurs by regulating the activity of other genes, the way a coach decides who plays and when.

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