My name is Ibezim chukwuemerie David
But you can call me David

I am student of University of Nigeria Nsukka.
 I hail from isukwuato local government of Abia state Nigeria. I live in Enugu state Nigeria. 
I’m a student who has a great passion for human science.
 I love to read a lot about the human body and I also find psychology so interesting.
 I also love to play a lot of music.
 Back then I will l always do think about how I can make a change in medical history and set up a world Record. 
I also love to playing drums and I’m a good footballer.   
This Journal
It all began in the hostels of university of Nigeria Nsukka where I harboured my passion to share my zeal to the world and make it a better place. 
My love for bio and human science started in elementary school where I would always love to pick up high school biology textbooks to read, gradually my passion for bio and human science grew to my entry into college.
With the zeal to share my passion to the world I decided to create this journal. 
Right From time, I have always felt that it will be something pretty cool if there was an online journal whereby science enthusiast can have an opportunity to publish their ideas research and knowledge freely without any long protocols, but posts submitted are required to have high quality. You can refer to this page to submit your own articles. So if you have the same passion with me this is just the best place for you
You are welcome home!!! 

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