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Ominy science publishes high quality academic notes, science lists, top research stories and articles from top research institutions and universities of the world. Our journal is a home for students, doctors, science enthusiasts etc.

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Our numbers

We receive over 30k visitors with an excess of over 55k page views every month

Majority of our visitors come from these countries

About 65% of our visitors come from The United States while the rest come

United Kingdom










90% are males, while 10% are females.


51% earn over a 100k$

Marital status

60% are married with children


73% are Caucasian


89% had a form of education

Audience interests

Affinity Category (reach)37.71% of total users In-Market Segment36.67% of total users
4.18% Shoppers/Value Shoppers
3.78% Technology/Technophiles
3.35% Banking & Finance/Avid Investors
3.35% Media & Entertainment/Movie Lovers
3.10% Travel/Business Travelers
3.06% News & Politics/Avid News Readers
2.94% Home & Garden/Do-It-Yourselfers
2.85% Technology/Mobile Enthusiasts
2.77% Media & Entertainment/Light TV Viewers
2.55% Lifestyles & Hobbies/Business Professionals
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3.85% Employment/Career Consulting Services
3.18% Employment
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1.84% Consumer Electronics/Mobile Phones
1.79% Computers & Peripherals/Computers/Laptops & Notebooks
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1.69% Business Services/Business Technology/Enterprise Software
1.65% Autos & Vehicles/Motor Vehicles/Motor Vehicles by Type/Hybrid & Alternative Vehicles
Other Category37.18% of total users
2.76% Online Communities/Feed Aggregation & Social Bookmarking
2.45% Science/Astronomy
2.08% Arts & Entertainment/Celebrities & Entertainment News
1.97% Arts & Entertainment/TV & Video/Online Video
1.95% Internet & Telecom/Search Engines
1.94% News/Politics
1.93% Business & Industrial/Aerospace & Defense/Space Technology
1.66% Internet & Telecom/Mobile & Wireless/Mobile Phones/Smart Phones
1.52% News/Business News/Financial Markets News
1.52% Online Communities/Social Networks


Out of a 100% here is the age breakdown of our visitors

6.20 are from 18-24

40.70% are from 25-34

35.48% are from 35-44

12.52% are from 45-54

3.56% are from 55-64

1.53% are from 65 and above

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320×100 In article and side bar 70$ and 60$ respectively

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