Everything a fitness enthusiast needs to know

Health statistics of the United States are worrisome and thought-provoking. In 2014, 30% of children (aged 6-11) were overweight, and nearly half of them obese. Less than 20% of the American male population was physically fit. Half of our teenagers weren’t vigorously active. Regular exercise and physical activity can ward off several disorders, such as diabetes and obesity. Let’s find out specific vital facts about health every fitness enthusiast needs to learn.

Important facts about fitness

An individual of a sound body and mind succeeds in every aspect of his/her life. Mental health and physical wellbeing are essential for a person’s progressive attitude. Fitness enthusiasts often seem confused about what they should add to their workout routine. Here we’re providing a summary of factors you must include in your exercise schedule. This summary will help you learn a few significant facts regarding fitness and healthiness.

1.       Food that matters: Consuming unhealthy stuff contributes to a lack of physical wellbeing. Fitness enthusiasts eat nutritious food and stay away from processed items. Similarly, they imbibe naturally-produced juices and stay away from carbonated drinks. This junk food has high volumes of sodium and low amounts of fiber. This stuff is also rich in chemicals added for flavor. Eat fresh organic stuff and pay attention to your nutritional intake.

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2.       Domestic gym: You can be your very own fitness guru with the help of the internet. Some people dislike getting a gym membership. They want to feel more at home even when they’re exercising. So, you can make a little domestic gym inside your house. Adding some amenities will even let you perform at home ski workout. But usual domestic gyms consist of easily affordable items such as dumbbells, jump ropes, resistance bands, and others.

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3.       Hydration is the key: Water is life isn’t a misleading slogan. Constant hydration is essential for optimum performance during exercise sessions. You need to replenish the water your body has consumed while you were working out. Your hydration requirements depend upon your body mass. If your weight is around 100 pounds, you need 3 liters of water daily. As 1 liter of water comes from food, you need to drink at least 1.5 liters.

4.       Think positive: Negative thinking can seriously affect the results of your workout routine. Fitness enthusiasts control their desire for self-improvement and don’t let lack of immediate progress disappoint them. Don’t consider your temporary weaknesses to be your “failings” or “shortcomings.” Focus patiently on the goals you’re achieving right now and don’t fester about future objectives.

5.       Pre-define your workout goals: Exercise is necessary for your physical and mental health. CDC recommends workout for 30 minutes a day, five days a week; fitness enthusiasts plan, strategize, and structure their exercise schedule. Your workout structure must conform to your fitness goals. Take shorter rest periods if you wish to lose weight (1-1.5 minutes). But, if your goal is to acquire some fat, more extended rest periods are recommended (2-3 minutes).

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6.       Curb your meals: Fitness enthusiasts don’t overeat; instead, consume strict diets. Their careful dietary habits protect them from obesity and other health-related disorders. How many nutrients should you eat every day? That depends on your weight, size, and the amount of work you perform daily. If you are trying to lose extra weight, this is how you should split your meals: 40% fat, 30% proteins, and 30% carbohydrates.

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7.       Fitness enhancement: Steroids and fitness enhancement procedures require extreme care and precautions. Improper management and irregular dosage of these drugs can lead to adverse health effects. Fitness enhancers improve your performance when you’re engaged in a high-intensity exercise. The proper name for these supplements is ergogenic aids. They range from caffeine, protein powders, and sports drinks to illegal substances.

8.       Fight your fatigue: Extensive training and intensive-workout may lead to extreme exhaustion and fatigue. It would help if you learned tolerating this pain, finding some motivation, and preparing for the next workout session. Drinking beet juice can help to increase your stamina. Listening to music can also contribute to a lack of exhaustion in the end. A 2008 study found that your blood vessels expanded 26% when listening to your favorite songs.

9.       Give yourself a rest: A human body requires 8-10 hours of sleep every day. Not having a good night’s sleep can affect your daily routines. Sleep deprivation and deficiency contribute to an increased risk of heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke. After a busy day, your body is exhausted. It needs some time to repair itself and freshen you up for a successful tomorrow. So, getting enough sleep should become your daily habit.

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10.   Reward yourself: Incentives are essential for an effective fitness routine. They motivate your mind to keep pushing itself and your body to surpass its limits. So, fitness enthusiasts reward themselves for keeping their spirits up. Don’t overwork yourself and try having some “me time” occasionally.

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A misconception states that dieting can contribute heavily to weight loss. The National Weight Control Registry found that only 10% of people could lose weight with dieting alone. Some 90% of people used a combination of dieting and exercise to defeat obesity. Regular physical activity relaxes your mind, rejuvenates your body, and helps you sleep better. Even 10 minutes to exercise will maintain your heart rate and keep you physically fit. The key is to make the regular workout a habit. You can easily do best workout tips at home.

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