How COVID-19 is a threat to the premise of public transit


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Transit’s superpower is extra vulnerable to COVID-19. Here’s how.



IHME | Projected daily COVID-19 deaths

Transport for London

Apple Maps | COVID-19 Mobility Trends

Hypothetical bus scenario was based on the Transportation Energy Data Book, APTA 2020 Transit Factbook, and New Flyer Xcelsior size and capacity data, with help from Don Mackenzie at University of Washington.

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Why Public Transit’s Coronavirus Crisis is Different” from About Here also explores COVID-19’s impact on transit.

Better ventilation will also reduce transit’s COVID risk. “Let’s Talk About Ventilation” from Today, Explained is a good primer on ventilation’s impact on the virus. Some transit vehicles are better ventilated than restaurants or offices. Here’s information about ventilation on three major metros: San Francisco, New York, and Philadelphia.


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