Statistical analysis of 3D localisation microscopy images for quantification of membrane protein distributions in a platelet clot model

by Sandra Mayr, Fabian Hauser, Sujitha Puthukodan, Markus Axmann, Janett Göhring, Jaroslaw Jacak

We present the software platform 2CALM that allows for a comparative analysis of 3D localisation microscopy data representing protein distributions in two biological samples. The in-depth statistical analysis reveals differences between samples at the nanoscopic level using parameters such as cluster-density and -curvature. An automatic classification system combines multiplex and multi-level statistical approaches into one comprehensive parameter for similarity testing of the compared samples. We demonstrated the biological importance of 2CALM, comparing the protein distributions of CD41 and CD62p on activated platelets in a 3D artificial clot. Additionally, using 2CALM, we quantified the impact of the inflammatory cytokine interleukin-1β on platelet activation in clots. The platform is applicable to any other cell type and biological system and can provide new insights into biological and medical applications.

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Paper source
Plos Journal

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