Last paper/final paper syndrome

We all as students have once upon a time in our lives experienced the last paper syndrome. You write your papers one by one, on getting to the last exam you begin to have the feeling that your exams are over and holidays are just by the corner.

You tend to feel like:

  • Damn it!! Exams are over yessss, i just finished my final exams..
  • Oh my gosh!! I got one last exam to write, i have no strength..i feel soo lazy about my last paper..
  • I dont just feel like studying

While deep inside you, you know fully well that you have that one last course coming up.. It hurts

Last paper syndrome could be said to be the state your mind attains on your last paper which make you feel much less concerned about your final exams. Its a psychological distraction that makes the holidays look closer to you.

Urban called it

A worldwide student condition that makes one completely unmotivated and unproductive in the time leading up to and during one’s final exam. Procrastination reaches unchartable levels and everything except actual studying is done. During the exam writing tends to be rambling and illegible and 95% of cases leave their exam early, even if what they have written isn’t up to usual standard/they’ve written too little for good marks.

You don’t want to let one paper make your results look poor.. Sit up work harder and use your last energy to fight that syndrome. Its too early to rejoice.

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