Possible causes of persistent coughing effective home remedies and preventions

Possible Causes of persistent Coughing treatments and preventions

Most of us have experienced being plagued by inexplicable bouts of persistent coughs at different times in our lives. The cough might be something spontaneous or persistent  that also get quickly dissipated on some instances, while other times, it may have lasted longer.

Have you experienced laughing so much at a joke that you ended up getting yourself a cough

Have you ever coughed so hard that you felt light-headed? Have you had coughs for more than a month?

Well, some bouts of persistent coughs are transitory and can easily be ignored without any other complications. Other types of persistent coughs, however, are serious health issues that should be treated immediately.

If you are experiencing chronic cough, you should know the possible causes and remedies in order to effectively treat it.

You should consult a doctor, but it is also good to have some understanding of the facts and get the proper 24 hour cough remedy. This way, you can help your doctor in treating your condition more effectively.

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Here are some of the possible common causes of persistent cough and simple effective  ways you can bring solution to it right from your home

1. Coughing caused by irritants

The most common causes of persistent coughs are throat irritants, which could include food, phlegm, dust particles, smoke, toxic fumes, or even your own saliva. Coughing is a natural reflex that can expel any irritant from the throat, thereby preventing the irritants from entering the lungs.

What is it?

You may either voluntarily or involuntarily clear your throat. Substances that trigger coughing reflex can be anything that managed to sneak through your epiglottis or got stuck in your throat.

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When irritated, the autonomic nervous system is triggered, making it react through rapid soft muscle contractions and expulsive breathing. Coughing forcibly ejects the irritants.

How to prevent it?

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Avoid irritants like smoke, acidic fumes, and dust. For instance, if you are regularly riding a motorcycle, you should wear a clinical or surgical mask to avoid inhaling dust and fumes.

Effective home remedies to stop it

Persistent coughing caused by a momentary throat irritation does not need medical treatment. However, if it is unavoidable, just make sure you have a clean handkerchief or tissue paper.

2. Cough caused by viral infections

Not all types of viruses are pathogenic, but coughing is commonly triggered by viral infections (in particular, influenza virus and rhinovirus). Coughing could either be the direct or indirect consequence.

What is it?

Flu and colds are caused by viruses that infect the cells of the body. Symptoms often include the formation of thick mucus in the lungs, throat and nasal cavity. The tissues of the respiratory tract become inflamed, causing nasal air passage congestion. As a result, the body’s reflex is to try to expel the excessive mucus by coughing.

How to prevent it?

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Preventing flu and colds requires maintaining basic hygiene and avoiding infected people. It also involves following a proper diet that helps boost the immune system.

Effective home remedies to stop it

Persistent coughs caused by rhinovirus neither has a vaccine nor cure. However, the common cold naturally goes away as the body builds resistance to it. One of the common home remedy is the consumption of chicken soup.

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Medications may include expectorants or mucolytics. If you want to know how to get rid of cough and cold in the most effective way, always consult a physician. You may ask your doctor for prescriptions, but some of the medicines for treating the common cold can be bought over the counter.

3. Coughs caused by bacterial infections

Serious persistent coughs can be caused by bacterial infections, such as in the case of pneumonia and tuberculosis. Again, the immediate reason for coughing is the buildup of excessive mucus in the lungs and in the air passageway

What is it?

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Tuberculosis is potentially lethal if not properly treated. It can cause damage to the lung tissues. When this happens, internal bleeding occurs. The patient may cough out blood. Pneumonia is usually secondary to other diseases, causing the buildup of fluid in the lungs. This can be infected by bacteria, which makes the situation worse.

How to prevent it?

Measures for preventing bacterial infections that lead to tuberculosis and pneumonia include observing a proper diet that is high in micronutrients, particularly vitamin C. Avoiding infected people, especially those in hospitals, is a basic practice, but if it is not possible, you should wear a clinical mask. Finally, good hygiene should be the norm.

Effective home remedies to stop it

Both tuberculosis and pneumonia require a multi-drug treatment to kill the bacteria. It takes months of treatment and requires the supervision of a physician. Draining of fluid from the lungs is also often necessary.

4. Coughs caused by autoimmune reactions

What is it?

Some people are genetically predisposed to have a hypersensitive immune system. Coughs can be triggered by allergies to a wide variety of things such as pollen, dust and mites.

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Some forms of autoimmune diseases may result in an asthmatic attack. This leads to excessive sneezing or coughing when the patient is exposed to allergens or extreme temperatures. Difficulty in breathing is common.

How to prevent it?

You simply need to avoid allergens if you are already afflicted. Avoid exhaustion and stress. Do not go to crowded places where heat and exhaustion may trigger your hypersensitivity. Eat the proper food recommended by your doctor.

Effective home remedies to stop it

Treating persistent coughs due to autoimmune allergies may require a combination of drugs such as antihistamines and mucolytics. You may also need to undergo nebulizer treatment to clear the air passage in your lungs.


Honey has being proven to be an effective home remedy for cough. I have personally tried it and have found it to be an effective home treatment for persistent cough.

Consuming these natural food materials could also serve as an effective home treatment  for cough

  • Ginger
  • Bromelain
  • Marshmallow root
  • Thyme

Final words

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Coughing is a natural defense of your body, but sometimes it can also indicate a more serious illness. You should never self-medicate if your cough is getting worse. Consult a physician for proper treatment.

I hope your cough stops in no time.

Do you have any other solution or idea or maybe a home treatment for managing cough?? Feel free to drop your idea in the comment box.

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