Top 15 ways on how to stop drinking alcohol. With home remedies


Alcohol, quit, stop, quit alcohol, stop drinking

Alcohol has been a major reproach to the world our society and the consumers their self s.

Alcohol has taken millions of lives, ruined thousands of relationships and rendered a lot of people useless.

Alcohol consumption though appears attractive to the eyes of the consumers but hurts deep inside of them.

They go through lots of Mental and psychological Downfalls. Trying to quit an addictive poisnous habit like alcohol addiction could look like an impossibility in the eyes of many.

Most times alcohol addicts always pray and hope with the burden that one day they are gonna quit drinking and live a normal life.

The sincere truth is that it doesn’t happen by magic it starts with a very first bold step to it.

This is my advice and letter to anyone who wants to and really mean the idea of quitting the habit of consuming alcohol..

Hello my dear friend it’s seems tough to me to be able to desern what you might think of what I’m saying at the the end of this post but I believe that this should help you..

Quitting alcohol is not what that happens by magic, it’s something hundreds of people have achieved Already and are living a happy life just like you want to do..

Firstly let’s take a look at a step I learnt from Ben Carson..
BW analysis.. Wich simply means: best worst analysis

  • 1. What are the best things that can happen to you if you quit drinking??
    2. What are the worst things that can happen to you if you quit drinking??
    3. What are the best things that can happen to you if you don’t quit drinking??
    4. What are the worst things that can happen to you if you don’t quit drinking??
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Let’s answer this together..

1. There are over a zillion consequences you automatically Opt yourself out of if you quit drinking. Wich includes..

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  • Suffering from certain alcohol related diseases, suffering from malfunctions your body could develop etc
  • Quitting the act of drinking fetches you these benefits
  • Feeling accomplished by the fact that you have crossed a big hurdle in Your life
  • You regain back the love and trust Wich you probably might have lost in your course of alcohol addiction
  • You live a normal life once again
  • You gain back your self integrity and respect Wich you might have lost..
  • You get more chances to fit into your normal friends
  • You regain your friends Wich you might have lost due to your habit of drinking..
  • Your self esteem is strengthened because no one will have to reject you again.. Etc

2. The only “bad” thing I know that you could suffer from is losing your friends who drink.

But you have to ask yourself..  What benefit would it fetch you by having friends who help take you to your early grave??

3. There is no extra advantage you have by not quitting alcohol

4. If you don’t quit alcohol consumption you are likely to suffer from the opposite of the benefits of  quitting alcohol..!!

Now we’ve been able to carefully examine our BW analysis let’s take at some steps you have to take to quit taking alcohol..

Quit alcohol, stop drinking


  • 1. Acknowledge..
    If at this point you are still arguing that you are not an addict then you have to think twice..

    A problem acknowledged is a problem half solved because you will never find out reasons to quit alcohol!!

    2. Talk to your friends and elders (non drinkers!!) about your decision
    They should give you advises and strategies on how to stop drinking..

    3. Talk to your doctor about it. Halting alcohol consumption instantly do have some disastrous effects on some people depending on how heavy you drink

    4. Cut down gently the quantity of alcohol you consume, Eg from 5 glasses a day to 3 then gradually to 2 till you don’t take any at all!!

    5. Remove every source of alcohol around you and your surroundings
    6. Cut down your friends to non drinkers
    7. Be highly determined to quit!!  Don’t let anyone advice you otherwise
    8. Take more sleep
    9. Engage in extra curricular activities to distract yourself from drinking
    10, Don’t compare yourself to others!! Remember you all have a separate life to live and your destinies are different,
    11. Dare to be different.. Be bold and always say no when you are offered alcohol
    12. Try not skip meals because with a full stomach you tend to loose appetite for alcohol!!
    13. Minimize stress to the minimum!!
    14. Determine not to go back to drinking
    15. Most importantly remember yourselves in your prayers because prayer changes all things!!
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I hope you will be able to put this into practice or help your buddy quit alcohol
You can help a friend by sharing this with him or her..

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